Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Few Pictures

Barbara the Buddhist

Me and Jetha

The Trek


The Trek

In Namche Bazar

Mohan the Big Boss

Sherab, Lakpa, Rita, her son, Mohan, and Us

The Funniest Monks in the Khumbu

Beer and Puja

Barbara, Martin, and Scott at Puja

Karma and Jetha - Two Generations

Barbara on Top of Lobuche

Nima Tashi Pointing to Everest

The Whole Team

Jim, Steve, Me, Martin, Nima Tashi, and Barbara

The Ice Fall

The Khumbu Rules

Ancient Moni Stones

A Himalayan Vulture or Big Bird

On The Way Home


  1. Shane – I’ve been following your posts and sharing them with Ted. You do a beautiful job of describing the complex mix of feelings that evolve for you day by day. How tragic on so many levels. After finding out you were safe, the next hardest wait for us was when Barbara did her climb. Kudos to her for meeting her 20,000+ goal. I love the photos you posted today. Am laughing out loud at your stories too, big boss, including your success at finding vegan pizza in Kathmandu. XO Gerri

  2. Of course. The ladies, even at 91, know where to find the Swami. I see the look in her eye. Watch out Barbara. That, my friend, is the coolest thing to meet her. That is definitely embracing all things funky.
    See you soon. Congrats on a great adventure and congrats to Barbara for the 20K plus climb.

  3. It would take so much to climb Mt. Everest. My grandma would have probably climbed it. She loves climbing. She climbed a very tall mountain when she was 65. http://www.martinhealth.org/