Saturday, April 19, 2014

Post Accident

It was a gray and snowy today at Base Camp. Fitting for the somber mood in camps today. A few recovery flights were flown to bring more bodies down to Base Camp. Not something I find interesting to watch. It's just damn awful. Some teams lost more than others in the accident and everyone is sorting it out. Many of the Sherpa have gone home for a few days. There will be some meetings tomorrow, but no one is quite sure what they will be about. Barbara and I took a hike today to stretch our legs. She will need to leave in a few days and that will be very difficult for me. Really not much to report today. We're hanging in there waiting to see what comes next.


  1. How sad but whatever decisions - they will be the right ones

  2. Keep the faith brother. Praying for you all and the sherpa's and their families. It is what it is. Things will happen as they are supposed to. Be safe. Keepin it real in NC for ya.

  3. Very sad for you and Barbara, your goal and what to do, what a fight and decisions to make. Keep yourselves safe, healthy and happy. Love you to both.