Friday, April 18, 2014

Ice Fall Accident Update

Today has been a very sad day here in Base Camp. Casualties will be higher than what's been reported on the news. No doubt it will be the biggest disaster in Everest history. All day we have watched the rescues and the bodies being recovered.

Again all our team is safe, but there was a tense moment when we were not sure where some of our Sherpa team members were when the avalanche hit. Nima Tashi our head Sherpa Sirdar immediately packed a pack and took off into the Ice Fall to check on our guys. Two were his family members. One was his son and one was his son in law. Thankfully he returned with news that our team members were safe.

Tragic, sad, and very tough day for all, but especially for our Sherpa team members as they knew many of the ones killed today. 

Hard to say what will happen here in the next several days. All climbing will halt until more searching for the missing and recoveries are completed. We've heard reports that maybe even the season will be closed for climbing. My thoughts are mixed. On one hand is it ethical to continue to ask these fine Sherpa team members to risk their lives for my benefit. On the other hand it is the way they make their living and I guess it is up to them to decide what happens next. If the season is shut down early they will be hurt financially. Only time will tell how it all plays out. 

Emotionally it's been a hard day watching the activities and knowing it could have been our whole team in the Ice Fall today.

Peace to all.


  1. Shane and Barbara....our thoughts are with you guys, and all up there with you at base camp. Sending you much love. Our hearts are heavy with sadness at the tragic loss. Know that we are thinking of you, and everyone up there with you. Stay strong and keep safe. Much love, Therese and Neil

  2. Our arms are around you all from a distance.

  3. And peace to you, too. With much love.

  4. You will make the right decision. Do what you think is best and so sorry for all that loss of life.
    Take care. Love you both.

  5. I'm just now catching up on the entries and I was shocked to hear about what happened (I never watch the news.) I am so glad you guys are safe and my heart goes out to everyone there. - Jessica (from endless summer)