Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Day At Base Camp

The sun was out this morning and warmed things. Maybe even the mood is starting to shift some too, but no decisions have been made yet as to if and when climbing will resume. Many of the Sherpa have gone home or to the memorial services that will be taking place in the various villages where the climbers lived. The American Alpine Club has set up a fund for the families of the deceased climbers. Here's the link if you'd like to donate link

Today the Sherpa had a large meeting to discuss the situation. It's not really clear yet what was decided at the meeting. The decision to continue climbing is in their hands since they will do the brunt of the work and take more of the risk. It would be hard to have it end early, but I will respect and support whatever decision they make. 

We have been staying busy, eating, drinking tea, eating again, talking, drinking tea, talking some more, and preparing some technical gear if the climbing does continue. 

It was decided that Barbara will go with Nima Tashi and one other to climb Loboche tomorrow and than come back to base camp. I like this because Nima has summited Everest over 11 times and also because he is a very kind and caring man and will take great care of Barbara. She's strong and will do well on the climb. I also like that's she's coming back to Base Camp for a few days before starting her trek home. 

Martin, Steve, Jeff, Scott, Jim, and I, and the rest of our Sherpa crew, will hang out in Base Camp waiting for news on our climb, doing an acclimatization hike, and looking forward to hearing news about Barbara's climb.

Hope all is well where you are.


  1. Thinking of you - and folks you met at the Club came up to me today to ask after you both - figuring you would be there now and they had been so worried - they were very relieved you and your team were safe - interesting how lives are touched.....

  2. Thinking of you guys. Such a terrible thing to happen, and while you are there. Good wishes to Barbara on her climb. Love to you both.

  3. Assuming you guys will know in the next couple of days whether it's a go or not. Since this disaster topped "Into Thin Air", I was trying to remember from the book the fallout from that and how things proceeded afterwards regarding moving forward or going home. That was a lot further up.

    Thinking of you guys and hope Barbara has a great hike.


  4. Sending love and light your way xoxo

  5. Hey Shane ! It is good to hear from you , just to know how things are with the whole Base Camp scene at
    this point. There are so many people watching the news, sending love and support to everyone there; from a global community.

    Hope that Barbara's climb goes well and is a good experience for her and the others in that team.will look forward to hearing her account of that climb.

    Sending Love .... MK

  6. Ditto MK's words and I am just so glad we can keep up with you two via the blog and ... very thankful that you are both safe. I am sure you will find peace with your decisions. Take good care.

  7. Thanks Shane for keeping us posted. We are thinking about you and Barbara. Hope her climbs go well. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Love you guys.

  8. Shane, Please send our love to Barbara and best of luck on her climb. Love and peace to you too. :-)

  9. Tell Barbara have a safe trip, enjoy it and reach her goal. Miss you both, love you both and hope you reach summit safe. We will have a huge party when you return in June.
    Darcey and family

  10. Shane---glad you and Barbara are safe. Sam and I have been thinking about you since hearing the news. Lauren gave us your blog info so now we are following the news. Good luck and cannot wait to hear more.

  11. send update on Barbara's climb if you can please. Stay safe. Love you